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CAS Number: 1344-28-1 EC Number: 215-691-6
Substance Name: Aluminium Oxide Mol. formula: Al2O3
CAS Number: 1344-28-1
EC Number: 215-691-6
Substance Name: Aluminium Oxide
Mol. formula: Al 2O3

White Fused Alumina, commonly known as WFA, is a high-purity synthetic mineral produced through the fusion of controlled-quality pure grade Bayer Alumina in an electric arc furnace at temperatures greater than 2000°C and a slow solidification process. After the crude cools, it is further crushed and cleaned of magnetic impurities in high-intensity separators. It is then classified into narrow-size fractions to suit the end use. Dedicated lines produce products for different applications.

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Information containing adherence to health and safety, handling and storage, and transportation standards, among others details, are included in the form of datasheets (available both in English and German)


White Fused Alumina is friable, making it perfect for use in products requiring a rapid, cool cutting action like Vitrified Bonded Abrasives. You'll also find White Fused Alumina in high purity refractories used for coated abrasives, surface treatment and ceramic tiles. It's even an ingredient found in anti-skid Paints, fluidized bed furnaces and skin.

It is resistant to alkali and has good corrosion resistance.

It can be used as a refractory material for high-temperature furnaces.

It has good thermal stability and can be used for a long time.

It is easy to store and transport.


25kg paper/plastic small bags

1.0/1.2/1.25/1.35MT Big Bags

Small bags inside big bags

Big bags / small bags on pallet

In bulk

Sizes Availables

0-100mm / 0-30mm

0-1mm, 1-3mm, 3-5mm, 5-8mm


3/6 Mesh, 6/10 Mesh, 8/14 Mesh, 8/16Mesh, 14/28

Mesh, 16/30 Mesh, 28/48 Mesh, 30/60 Mesh, -48Mesh, 46N, 100F,

FEPA sizes: F12, F16, F20, F24, F30, F36, F40, F46, F54, F60, F70, F80, F90, F100, F120, F150, F180, F220

Or as per specific requirements

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