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CAS Number: 92704-41-1 EC Number: 296-473-8
Substance Name: Kaolin, calcined Mol. formula: Al6O13Si2
CAS Number: 92704-41-1
EC Number: 296-473-8
Substance Name: Kaolin, calcined
Mol. formula: Al6O13Si2

We have the capability to supply customized material of Homogenized Sintered Mullite ranging from 47% of Al2O3 content to 70% of Al2O3 content.

Our offered Mullite is a synthetic material. It is chemically synthesized by mixing the right proportions of other alumina rich raw materials such as clays, pure kaolin and bauxite, then eliminating impurities, extrusion in form of sticks, and finally calcining the mixture after at high temperatures.

Homogenized Sintered Mullite offered by Thyme are calcined in rotary kilns or tunnel kilns at 1450 degree C to 1700 degree C, with holding time for 4-24 hours, which guarantees the synthetic reaction progress completion, to achieve the highest mullite crystal content and uniform structure.

The thermal expansion coefficient of this material is uniform and is much lower than corundum and silica, thus it provides excellent thermal shock resistance. The performance of RUL and high temperature creep is good. High hardness and excellent chemical corrosion resistance are some more advantages of this material.

Grades Available

M47Y, M60Y, M70Y

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Information containing adherence to health and safety, handling and storage, and transportation standards, among others details, are included in the form of datasheets (available both in English and German)


Sintered Mullite is used in the production of shaped and unshaped products for high-temperature applications in a reducing atmosphere. Sintered Mullite can be used in a variety of applications that require high temperatures, including ceramic kilns, investment casting, glass furnaces, etc.

Good electrical insulation properties .

High mechanical strength.


Chemically resistant.


25kg paper/plastic small bags

1.0/1.2/1.25/1.35MT Big Bags

Small bags inside big bags

Big bags / small bags on pallet

In bulk

Sizes Availables

0-20 mm

0-1 mm

1-3 mm

3-5 mm

5-8 mm

Powder sizes 200/325 mesh

*as per customer requirements

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