Product Overview

Ferroalloy refers to various alloys of iron with a high proportion of one or more other elements such as manganese (Mn), aluminum (Al),or silicon (Si). Thyme can supply various ferro alloys namely Ferro Manganese (FeMn) , Ferro Silicon (FeSi) , Silico Manganese (SiMn), Ferro Chrome (FeCr) , Ferro Nickel (FeNi) , Ferro Titanium (FeTi) etc. in various grains, fines and lumps sizes according to customers specific requirement.


Ferromanganese, a ferroalloy with high content of manganese, is made by heating a mixture of the oxides MnO2 and Fe2O3, with carbon, usually as coal and coke, in either a blast furnace or an electric arc furnace-type system, called a submerged arc furnace.


Ferro Silicon is an alloy used by the steel-makers to increase the performance of steel as an industrial material. It de-oxidizes the steel, blocks the heat and prevents loss of carbon from the molten steel.


Fe-Cr is an alloy of chromium and iron containing between 45 % and 70 % of chromium. It also contains varying amounts of iron, carbon and other alloying elements.

Silico Manganese

Si-Mn is a preferred ferroalloy during steel making. It has emerged as a more important alloy than Fe-Mn. Itis used as substitute for LC Fe-Mn. Itis also required as a raw material to produce MC Fe-Mn and LC Fe-Mn.

Noble Ferroalloys

Noble ferroalloys are of high value and consumed in low proportions. These ferroalloys are one of the vital inputs required for the production of special types of steels and are used as additive inputs especially in the production of alloy and special steels.

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