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When a customer contacts us with their requirements, we take the time to fully understand their technical specifications and advise them on the best solution for their needs. Our team of experienced engineers and technical experts will help customers choose the right raw materials for their particular application.


Thyme has an extensive network of suppliers from all around the world, ensuring that we have access to the highest quality raw materials at competitive prices. Our team of experienced professionals carefully selects and evaluates each supplier, working only with those who meet our strict quality standards. With this comprehensive approach, we're able to offer a wide range of raw materials that are best suited to meet our clients' needs.

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and Production

Our team uses their technical knowledge and experience to produce the raw materials, ensuring the materials are tailored to the specific needs of the customer. We can also offer customisation of the raw material properties such as chemical specifications, physical specifications and particle size distribution to match the particular specific needs of the customer.

Quality Test

Quality is our top priority, which is why we subject all raw materials to rigorous quality control procedures. Onsite technical engineers collect samples according to ISO certifications, and if required, we even call in third-party testers like SGS, BV, and AHK to verify the quality of the raw materials.

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Step 5


We understand the importance of proper packaging to ensure that our raw materials arrive at the customer's facility in the same condition as when they leave our production unit. We offer customized packaging solutions to meet the specific demands of our customers and to ensure safe transport of the materials.


We have extensive experience in worldwide logistics and can connect our customers to the best options based on time and price. Safety of the goods is assured and insured. This step can branch in two ways:.

Step 6

Option 1: Warehousing

We offer Warehousing Storage and Strategized Schemes for Delivery of Consignments from warehouses in several ports in China, India and Rotterdam/Antwerp in EU.

Option 2: Door Delivery

For customers who require door-to-door delivery, we provide import clearance and shipping to the customer's facility anywhere in the world.

Step 7


Thyme understands that financing is a critical component for clients in the industrial raw materials business. That's why we offer various flexible payment schemes and long-term financing options through our banking channel. This makes it easy for clients to acquire the raw materials they need to run their operations without having to worry about cash flow issues. We are committed to working with our clients to create financing options that work best for them, so they can focus on their operations and achieve their business objectives.